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At KHP, we’re picky about zombie books. We won’t take the same tired plots of people with machine guns trying to reach the roof where the helicopter waits, or simply living day to day… (insert strong survival statement here). There are good ones out there, and we’re all fans of The Walking Dead, but for us to publish it, a book needs to be more original.

With each title below, click on the covers for more information and available links such as Amazon Kindle, etc.

In both Rot and Last Brother, Last Sister, Michele Lee has given us two different tales set in the same universe. Neither is dependent on the other, but both are highly recommended.

Rot is a novelette with gorgeous illustrations by Mechelle Sizemore throughout. In a world where loved ones can be brought back as a zombie, it’s a little easier knowing they’re not completely gone from your life. However, they require a lot of care that many are unwilling or unable to handle. That’s where the Silver Springs Specialty Care Community comes in, providing a safe, pleasant home for that special someone… to rot.

In the novel Last Brother, Last Sister, meet bokor Papa Murphy. Exiled from his home and family, he knows the truth behind the raised zombies, and it’s up to him to do something about it.

If you’re looking for a good time, try Grady Memorial Hospital’s Autopsy Room #1. Each night, the dead rise within, but not with a desire to eat flesh. No, they have other plans in mind.

The insane thrills are nonstop in Night of the Loving Dead by James Futch and James Newman!

In Dark Highway, Dan Thomas gives us a motivated entrepreneur who insists on taking over Wall Street, despite being dead.

The Reckoning has Royce McCulloch’s past catching up with him in the form of a voluptuous zombie and her vampire boyfriend. Wow, Karma is a…

Jerrod Balzer’s Zombie Bastard is the result of a curse on a rural town for their unforgiving beliefs. It’s not a good time to be driving through in search of a restroom.

This includes the bonus story, “No Returns,” where a prostitute learns that she’s quite popular with the local zombies.

This “Grindhouse Double Feature” of horror tales by Garry Charles includes a wicked zombie thriller. In Death Tide, a deluge hits the England shores just as experiments have finished on a human subject. The infection spreads throughout the area, threatening the survivors with more than flooding and rats to contend with.


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