Watchers: The Coming of the King by William Meikle

Book I: The Coming of the King

The old wall is a border: England and Scotland, South and North, light and darkness.

It is 1745, and the long-awaited night as come. The Bloodking calls his army to battle, and armed with the powers of the undead and the damned, he will bring them South to claim his birthright: The throne of Britain.

Only the old Watchers on the wall stand in his way. They, their swords, and their faith. But too much time has passed and the Watch has grown slack and ill-prepared for the coming war. Only Martin and Sean have seen the horrors that lie ahead for humankind. Only they have the power to stop it.

Now, two young officers of the Watch have a duty to perform:

Stop the Bloodking.

Or die trying.

71,453 words

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“…horrifying Highland vampires from the bloodline of the diabolical Stuarts. This first novel…offers excitement that never slackens.” ~ Margaret L. Carter, author of the Eppie Award-winning vampire novel Dark Changeling

“…superb story. Thoroughly enjoyable from the first word to the last. William Meikle has a wonderfully unique style…” ~ The Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

“Breathtaking, Scary and Original. A must read. An impressive blend of horror, history and imagination.” ~Dave Dreher, Horror News Network

“I was captivated from the very first scene…Very well written.” ~ Patricia Altner, author of Vampire Readings: An Annotated Bibliography (Scarecrow Press, 1998)

“I’m always impressed when anyone can add a new twist to the venerable vampire canon. Hugely enjoyable fun to read.” ~ Joe Gordon, The Alien Online

“It is refreshing to read a story where the triumph of good over evil is far from definite…” ~ The Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

“Meikle blends reality and fantasy so well that the reader believes that it could have happened.” ~ Kelly Rothenberg, author of Hitler in Progress

“Meikle…can grace the page with words of beauty whilst twisting a nightmare into grotesque shapes before your eyes.” ~ Len Maynard and Mick Sims, author of The Secret Geography of Nightmare and Incantations


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