Watchers: The Battle for the Throne by William Meikle

Book II: The Battle for the Throne

Battle is joined…

It is 1745. The forces of the Boy-King have decimated Milecastle. The Thane is dead, another chosen, and Mary Campbell has been taken by the Boy-King as his unholy bride.

The town is a scene of carnage and the Watchers have failed…but they may yet have a chance at redemption. Can Martin be a leader to his people in their time of need?

And can Sean fulfill his oath without losing his soul?

Neither have much time to consider, for the Boy King is on the rampage…and his heir is waiting to be born in the Blood Chapel of Ross-Lynn.

71,312 words

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“…horrifying Highland vampires from the bloodline of the diabolical Stuarts. This first novel…offers excitement that never slackens.” ~ Margaret L. Carter, author of the Eppie Award-winning vampire novel Dark Changeling

“…superb story. Thoroughly enjoyable from the first word to the last. William Meikle has a wonderfully unique style…” ~ The Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

“Breathtaking, Scary and Original. A must read. An impressive blend of horror, history and imagination.” ~Dave Dreher, Horror News Network

“I was captivated from the very first scene…Very well written.” ~ Patricia Altner, author of Vampire Readings: An Annotated Bibliography (Scarecrow Press, 1998)

“I’m always impressed when anyone can add a new twist to the venerable vampire canon. Hugely enjoyable fun to read.” ~ Joe Gordon, The Alien Online

“It is refreshing to read a story where the triumph of good over evil is far from definite…” ~ The Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

“Meikle blends reality and fantasy so well that the reader believes that it could have happened.” ~ Kelly Rothenberg, author of Hitler in Progress

“Meikle…can grace the page with words of beauty whilst twisting a nightmare into grotesque shapes before your eyes.” ~ Len Maynard and Mick Sims, author of The Secret Geography of Nightmare and Incantations


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