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Before going too far, we should probably get this fact out of the way: we don’t publish sparkling vampires. That said, we don’t wish to isolate fans of that kind because we’re thrilled any time a book or book series gets more people reading. We only hope fans don’t stop there. Check out what other types of vampire books there are, and for old school fans of vampires, you should be right at home.

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If you miss the great vampire books of the 1980s or you’d heard about them and wish to experience a taste, here you go. Paul F. Olson gives us The Ultimate Edition of The Night Prophets, with original content not included in the 1989 publication.

Two boys in Scotland wake up an ancient vampire that can only be defeated by a dark religious book. And that’s a mere tidbit of the Fright Night horror awaiting you with William Meikle’s Eldren: Book of the Dark!

William Meikle has also treated us with an epic story of man vs. vampire set in 1745. The Watchers series stretches across three books or you can get them all in one omnibus volume.


And finally, how would you like some really old school vampire fun? We took the entire 666,000 words of the Victorian serial, Varney the Vampire, and gave it the same loving care we give all of our books. Check it out:


We hope this satiates your appetite  for blood-sucking fiends that flutter in the night. Curl up with some of these vampires and pray for dawn.