Regarding a recent Twitter incident:

It has been brought to our attention that late last night, one of our authors was in a heated discussion with someone on Twitter, and there were insults.

Naturally, what an author does on their own time is their own business, and if we went after all of them each time they got into an online quarrel, we would be without authors. Come to think of it, we would have to fire ourselves!

However, this situation goes farther than that.

What started the argument was someone voicing their opinion. That is none of our business. The issue is that the author made a racial slur at the person with KHP material plastering his Twitter page’s background. This involved the company, and we saw the results of this on our own Twitter page this morning.

We have worked with the author for years, and had never seen this sort of behavior before. But all the same, we find this inexcusable. In sticking to our own “zero tolerance” model, we terminated our contract with this author immediately and his book is in the process of being removed from stores.

This is not just a business issue. It is personal, as well. Our CEO, S.D. Hintz, is white and married to a black woman. They have two beautiful children and have dealt with racism often in their lives.

It simply will not be tolerated by any of us here at KHP.