Tranquil Disturbances by Garry Charles


A ruthless motorcycle gang overruns the quiet, secluded town of Tranquillity. While placing their injured own in the care of an unsuspecting citizen, they soon discover the eerie origins of the tight-knit community, and the sinister divinity that lies within the sacred chapel…


A tide of apocalyptic proportions bears down on the village of Westow. While near the shore, a research team is busy testing a brutal cross-species virus on an involuntary human subject. When the deluge hits full force and the manufactured infection becomes uncontained, the water poses an even deadlier threat. Before long the locals are battling a death tide of bloodthirsty animals and humans alike.

73,332 words

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Dr. Lazarus moved with practiced precision, taking a scalpel from the trolley and leaning over Brennan’s chest as Armstrong looked on. Brennan didn’t even flinch as the doctor went to work, making over a dozen tiny incisions across the pale flesh.

Once finished, Lazarus dropped the scalpel back on the trolley, the tip coated in bright red. The doctor then pulled a second trolley nearer to the operating table. Sat on the trolley was a clear plastic case containing a large black rat. The vermin glared at Lazarus with pustule-encrusted eyes, the crimson bulges seeping tallow into the surrounding fur.

Lazarus picked up the box and the rat hissed at him, rearing up on its back legs and scratching at the plastic with its front paws. Armstrong watched with a childlike fascination as the doctor set the case on Brennan’s chest and secured it in place with four heavy-duty straps.

Dr. Lazarus smiled. “Shall we begin?”


“The Stephen King of Britain.”

“Charles doesn’t hold back on the violence and terror.”

“Charles’s writing style is like a knife to the heart.” ~Shaun Hutson, author of Body Count



Mike Jones does a video review of authors Daniel I. Russell and Garry Charles

(Note: The double-frame is because the video is shot in 3D. You can go HERE to watch it on Youtube and either watch with glasses or in single frame with 3D turned off.)


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Who’s the scary biker on the cover?

It’s Dave Evans, original lead singer and co-founder of AC/DC!

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