Theatre of the Macabre by Roy C. Booth

Welcome to the Theatre!

Got your popcorn and soft drink? Good! Have you turned your cell phones off? Splendid!

Pay no attention to the orderlies strapping you in. It’s more for our pleasure than your safety. What you are about to experience will make you squeal, cringe, and by the end, laugh maniacally!

Roy C. Booth, the internationally award-winning playwright who brought us Brian Keene’s Terminal: The Play, offers this trilogy of one-act plays to chill your bones, kicked off by a brilliant introduction from Dr. David Beard.

In “Death Under the Gaslights,” follow three robbers into a house filled with terror. Learn a valuable lesson in “Smoking Will Kill You.” And in “He Who Gets Laughed At Last,” see what happens when some people just can’t take a joke.

Before the lights dim, we want to thank you for coming. The price was your sanity, but the screams are free.

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