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All Imprints are Currently CLOSED to Submissions.

Scarlet Petals Press is closed to submissions.

Scarlet Petals Press submissions Submissions SPP logo

Retro Rocket Press is closed to submissions.

Retro Rocket Press submissions Submissions Retro Rocket Press


Skullvines Press is closed to submissions.

 Black Death Books is closed to submissions.

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Violet Ivy Press is closed to submissions.

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Blasphemous Books is closed to submissions.

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 Bokalino Press is closed to submissions.

Bokalino Press submissions Submissions Bokalino Press


  1. MJ

    When did you close to submissions and do you have an idea when you might reopen?


    • KHPstaff

      Hello! We closed at the first of the year while we work on what we’ve contracted so far. We don’t have an exact timeframe for reopening, but when we do, we’ll notify places like Ralan and Duotrope with updates, and we also send out a notice in our newsletter.


    • adamwhitlatch


      We’ve just reopened for subs (8/1/14). Check out our new guidelines.

      – Adam Whitlatch, Associate Editor


      • Mariah Ambersan

        A friend recommended checking out your publishing house…and your comments say you’re open for submissions and check out the new guidelins. But your website still says closed.
        So, which is it?



        • KHP staff

          Hi, Mariah. Please note the date of the comment you’re addressing (8/1/14). The page has the most current information, which states submissions are now closed as of a few days ago from the date of this comment.


  2. Christopher Nadeau

    I need to know what “Amish” fiction is please!!!


    • JerrodBalzer

      Amish people and their way of life, which turns its head away from modern society and embraces living off of the land, etc.


  3. Bill Tucker

    Aare you seeking zombie novels at this time and if so under what imprint? Much thanks.


    • KHP staff

      Hi Bill,

      We are indeed. Depending on the theme of your novel, it should be submitted to Skullvines or Black Death.
      Here’s a link to the zombie novels we’ve published:
      Hope that helps!



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