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“Publisher of… Whatever We Want”

Skullvines Press was founded in spring of 2007. While leaning heavily on horror and dark/adult humor, it also specializes in mixed genres and titles that don’t necessarily “fit” anywhere else.

From the original site:

You’re hiking through the darker, haunted part of the woods that your parents had always forbidden you to explore. A few miles in, the fog is much thicker and you are tempted to crawl onto a layer and take a nap.

You continue, though, and eventually come across some castle ruins. All that stand are moldy brick walls marking the perimeter.

You step closer and find a single skull protruding from the soft earth. Vines have sprouted from its eyes and nose; from between the teeth and the cracks in its cranium. Each one looks a little bit different: some are beautiful, some grotesque, some humorous. Some are green and thriving with blossoms, while others appear dead, but are still strong.

You kneel for a closer look, and you can hear them whispering to you. They are each eager to share a story. You listen awhile, entertained but feeling your sanity slip away.

Realizing this, you try to stand but rotted hands reach from the soil and pull you back. You aren’t going anywhere.

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  1. stephen pontius

    i am looking for a wrath james white chapbook. sloop seconds, is thi sstill avaiable, fro skullvin press

    stephen pontius


    • JerrodBalzer

      That was a fun book and Wrath is great to work with! Unfortunately, it’s been out of print for a while. He runs a convention each year called Killercon. Perhaps a rare copy can be found there? At the very least, there’s the opportunity to rub elbows with the big guy, himself.


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