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The majority of KHP’s science fiction appears through its imprint, Retro Rocket Press, which embraces the style of the Golden Age through works that are old and new. There are also the occasional stories found elsewhere, but you can find them all on this page.

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Tripod Entertainment got together with KHP to publish a novel based on their animated steampunk film, War of the Worlds – Goliath. Adam J. Whitlatch worked closely with producer Leon Tan and creator/director Joe Pearson to not only adapt David Abramowitz‘s screenplay into prose form, but to include added depth, including scenes not found in the film.

The Weller is pure muscle car and blazing guns adrenaline in the pulsing vein of Road Warrior. You’ll want to ensure your buckle is secure before reading. After publishing this work with Adam, KHP decided his talents were also valuable as a staff member.

In Surviving the Crash, Patrick Rutigliano gives us an alternate history with an even worse event following the 1929 market crash. As each night falls, terrifying beings come out to pick apart what’s left of humanity. If you like horror with your science fiction, here you go.

Steampunked by Joe R. Lansdale showcases his insane tale of a time-travelling ghoul and the adventurers hot on his trail in “The Steam Man of the Prairie and the Dark Rider Get Down.” Plus, there is a bonus story!

The Eden City Rebellion by Monica Anderson will knock you out of your boots!

Here’s another alternate history steampunk packed full of mind-blowing action! As the title implies, Eden City, Iowa is dealing with its share of troubles, and then a lovely assassin comes along, joined by a mysterious bounty hunter. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say you might find yourself giddy each time she goes for her rifle.

In The Wired Man, David Adam Suski brings us a not entirely impossible future where your living class is decided by the quality of your online social status. This is fine if you’re popular, but oh, how quickly we fall! This is old school science fiction with a new edge. Plug in!

And speaking of old school…

This version of the H.G. Wells classic, The Time Machine, includes “The Grey Man” chapter within the text. Check it out!

Also, we’ve been reissuing Astounding Stories of Super-Science magazines straight from the Golden Age, and we’ve been putting the same care into formatting them as ebooks as we do for all of our other titles. These aren’t simply copy/paste jobs that you might find elsewhere:

And now for something… different:

Yeah, we’ll just leave that there and do with it what you will. But hey, there’s always room in science fiction for adult humor!

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