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KHP currently offers two paranormal romance novels through its Violet Ivy imprint. Take a look!

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In Michele Lee’s Wolf Heart, Nika seemed comfortable enough being a werewolf, but then she was forced to join a pack. And then, of course, there’s a man: Maeul, the dark, sexy alpha whose blistering love for Nika might consume them both, if the pack doesn’t tear them apart first.

A Touch of Sin is a gripping read by Jennifer Cloud!

Lotty Black is a woman with a wicked touch. She has the ability to cause every sin committed to rise in the mind and break the heart. She only uses her powers for self-defense, but lately she’s needed them more than ever.

Detective Troy Gordon has to investigate the astonishing claim of a forced suicide. The two of them soon find themselves entwined in a mystery along with a dangerous attraction…and a touch of sin.

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