Book cover by Bob Freeman

As editor of this year’s Science Fiction Poetry Association’s Rhysling Anthology, I am pleased to announce the following results of this year’s voting. There will be an official reading event at this year’s Convergence Convention in Minnesota. Congratulations to all for their hard work.



WINNER: “Shutdown” • Marge Simon • Qualia Nous, ed. Michael Bailey (Written Backwards)

SECOND PLACE: “Science Fiction (with apologies to Marianne Moore’s “Poetry”)” • Ruth Berman • Dreams and Nightmares 98

THIRD PLACE (4-way tie!):

“I Imagine My Mother’s Death” • Bryan D. Dietrich • The Pedestal Magazine 74

“The Peal Divers” • Francesca Forrest • Strange Horizons, 3/17/14

“Extinction” • Joshua Gage • Star*Line 37.3

“After the Changeling Incantation” • John Philip Johnson • Strange Horizons, 2/3/14



WINNER: “100 Reasons to Have Sex with an Alien” • F.J. Bergmann • 2014 SFPA Poetry Contest

SECOND PLACE: “Six Things the Owl Said” • Megan Arkenberg • Goblin Fruit, Spring

THIRD PLACE: “The Perfect Library” • David Clink • If the World Were to Stop Spinning (Piquant Press)