Four Murders

Rich Ristow, editor of Death in Common: Poems from Unlikely Victims (Needfire) and author of Wood Life: A Poem (Snuff Books), brings us four new poems of violent death and its victims.

He’ll take you on a disturbing journey through the minds of both the killers and the victims, and the thirst for vengeance in the eyes of both.

For those familiar with Rich Ristow’s work, this will be a treat worth savoring, and newcomers will find this a fascinating introduction to heart-pounding horror poetry.

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Table of Contents:

Prologue and Acknowledgements

Men of Dirt and Dust

To Be Bandersnatched

The End Without a Hero: A Triptych

In Contempt of Sleep

About the Poet


Listen to “To Be Bandersnatched” read by Rich Ristow:


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