To some, Bermuda is a subtropical paradise. To those who live there, it’s an isolated island chain in the middle of the Atlantic, several hundred miles away from the North Carolina coast.

A British marine tries to visit his sister, only to find flesh-eating plants.

An out-of-work wedding singer tries to live with his dark, unromantic impulses.

An obese teenager finds no solace in becoming magically thin.

A workaholic NASA official finds that neglecting his young daughter comes at a terrible price.

The “real” Caliban must confront his inhuman mother, long before the events of The Tempest transpire.

An abused teenager must choose between her abusers.

Come journey the troubled waters of… Estranged.

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Table of Contents:

The Carniflora



The Estranged

The Sorrow of Young Caliban

Into the Cruel Sea

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