The Midnight Eye Files: The Sirens by William Meikle

Book II:

The Midnight Eye returns…

At first it’s a simple lost son case, but for PI Derek Adams things turn quickly to the twilight zone.

Soon he’s on a remote island and up to his hips in mer-women, shape-changers and ancient fisher cults.

Running back to the city doesn’t help; there’s magic and mayhem loose on the streets.

An ancient god is waking up, and only blood will stop him!

67,709 words

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“Get in!” I shouted at my client, but the old lady needed no prompting. She scuttled around the passenger side and got in the car beside Doug. I had a last look around, back into the darkness of the hall, but there was no movement.

It had gone suddenly quiet. I would have preferred to have the howling…at least then I’d know where the beast was. Doug gestured frantically at me, trying to get me to move faster. I gave him a reassuring wave.

I had just moved to the side of the car when I saw him lean forward and look up, his eyes going wide in shock. I didn’t have time to follow his gaze…something that felt like a sack of potatoes fell on me from above. I fell to the ground, my legs buckling beneath me, all the muscles of my back squealing in agony. As my new passenger and I hit the floor all the air left my lungs in one breath, and I felt my nose mash and split as my face met the pavement. I tasted blood in my mouth and the rough concrete rasped against my lips.

Shrieking filled my head, then there was a thump as my shoulder was hit, hard, and my whole left arm went numb. I had the picture of a manic chimpanzee in my head, the shrieking, grinning grimace as it pounded its victim to a pulp.

I tried to push myself off the ground, but the weight on my back was too much. A blow hit me on the side of the head, as heavy as any punch I had ever taken, and blackness closed in at the edges of my sight…


“Raymond Chandler meets H. P. Lovecraft meets Willie Meikle–a darkly magical mix.” ~Randy Chandler, author of Bad Juju


The Royal Occultist


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