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GREEN TSUNAMI NEWS – The Illustrations, Part 1

As you may know, the novella GREEN TSUNAMI by me and Laura Cooney will be coming this spring from Smart Rhino Publications. And it is going to be illustrated!

Here is the first illustration we received. It’s of a “balloon head” (it will make sense when you read the novella), by artist Will Renfro.


ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Now Available for Ebook and Kindle!

Since it was released, my second novel ROCK ‘N’ ROLL has only been available in trade paperback format from Gallows Press. Well, starting today, it is also available in ebook format.

Amazon currently has the Kindle version for $3.99. I’m sure it’s available for other formats as well. So if you were waiting for the ebook version, check it out!

One of those rare books that’s different from anything else you’ve ever read.



“There’s nothing–and I mean nothing–that I like more than reading a novel thinking it will be one thing then realizing halfway through that it’s something completely different (and better) than I had expected. Soares’ second novel is the most original tale I read in 2013, and almost ten months after reading it has still not left my head.

“ROCK ‘N’ ROLL is like an off-the-wall late night supernatural erotic thriller as directed by David Cronenberg. Soares blends several genres to deliver an original and quite difficult to put down tale (I read it in two sittings). There’s wall-to-wall sex, but unlike a typical exploitation story it’s key to the constantly-unfolding plot. This is a real wild ride that’s highly recommended to those looking for something truly different.”

Cover to GREEN TSUNAMI Revealed!

GREEN TSUNAMI, the novella by me and Laura Cooney, continues to pick up steam over at Smart Rhino Publications. The cover was just revealed, and I figured I’d share it here.

The cover illustration is from “The Art of Dan Verkys,” with cover design by Ju Kim. The full cover will be a wraparound of Dan’s full illustration.

The book is currently being edited, for an early summer release, with interior illustrations by Ju Kim, Will Renfro and Justynn Tyme.

I’ve had remarkable good luck with covers to my books, and this one is no exception. This one is beautiful.



The prolific Nick Cato has a new anthology coming out soon called THE GRUESOME TENSOME. It’s a tribute to the great horror director (and the guy who pretty much single-handedly created the gore movie) Herschell Gordon Lewis.

I’m share the Table of Contents with an amazing cast of characters, including Jeff Strand, Gregory Lamberson, William D. Carl, Mark McLaughlin/Michael Sheehan Jr. (collaboration), Adam Cesare, MP Johnson, David Hayes and Dynatox Krall. Everyone chose a different aspect of HGL’s career to riff on (gore films, biker films, nudie films, etc.). I chose his kids’ films because I figured that would be the most offbeat genre. Came up with a spooky little story called “The Magic Abattoir of Mother Goose.”

Here is the amazing cover by artist Matthew Revert.

COMING SOON from Novello Publishers.



GREEN TSUNAMI Coming This Spring

Well, it’s official. GREEN TSUNAMI, a brand new novel written by L.L. Soares and Laura Cooney, is coming out in Spring 2014 from Smart Rhino Publications. For fans of IN SICKNESS, this is our first collaboration since that story collection (which included the novella “In Sickness” that we wrote together, as well as several short stories by each of us).

I’ll be posting any pictures of the cover here as it develops, as well as news on the exact release date, and where to get it.

It’s the tale of a husband and wife -  separated after a major catastrophe that has brought about the end of the world as we know it -  communicating back and forth via email. But this is no typical “end of the world” saga. This time it’s a little different.

Just wait and see.

Available now: HARD, A Novel by L.L. Soares

Well it’s finally out!


My brand new novel HARD is out now from the brand new imprint Novello Blue publications. Available in trade paperback at AMAZON.COM, as well as

It’s more mainstream than my other works, so it’s something a little difference, but the characters include a retired cop, a porn actress, and a professional torturer, so fans of my other novels should enjoy this one just fine.

Come join the party.


Kindle Version of LIFE RAGE only 99 Cents for the Month of December (2013)

LifeRage_StokerWinnerCoverIt’s a  special Christmas treat, courtesy of NIGHTSCAPE PRESS. For the month of December, The Bram Stoker Award®-winning novel LIFE RAGE by L.L. Soares is on sale for ONLY 99 cents for Kindle! You can also enter to win a signed paperback copy and all of Nightscape Press’s 2012 and 2013 ebook titles

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