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Weldon Burge’s next anthology is called INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS is due out in early 2015 from Smart Rhino Publications.  Here’s what the cover will look like.

InsidiousAssassins New Story Coming in INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS

My story is called “What the Blender Saw.” Here’s the Table of Contents (which may be shuffled around between now and then):

Those Rockports Won’t Get You Into Heaven — Jack Ketchum
Dead Bill — Shaun Meeks
Worse Ways — Meghan Arcuri
No One of Consequence — Christine Morgan
And the Hits Just Keep On Comin’ — Doug Rinaldi
The Night Gordon Was Set Free — Billie Sue Mosiman
Almost Everybody Wins — Lisa Mannetti
Friends From Way Back — Dennis Lawson
The Repo Girl — Patrick Derrickson
Letter for You — Carson Buckingham
The Rock — Joseph Badal
The Handmaiden’s Touch — Doug Blakeslee
The Bitter and the Sweet — D.B. Corey
Influence — Martin Zeigler
Agnus Dei — Jezzy Wolfe
Labyrinth — James Dorr
Blenders — J. Gregory Smith
One of Us — Austin S. Camacho
The Absinthe Assassin — JM Reinbold
Slay It Forward — Adrian Ludens
Tantse So Smert’Yu (Dancing With Death) — Ernestus Jiminy Chald
What the Blender Saw — L.L. Soares
Code Name Trine — Martin Rose
Bestsellers Guaranteed — Joe Lansdale

I am very psyched to be in an anthology with two of my heroes, Jack Ketchum and Joe R. Lansdale.

Curiously, I thought “What the Blender Saw” would be a very offbeat title, but there’s another story in there called “Blenders.” Oh well. I’ll be curious to see how different it is.

More on this as it gets closer to release.

New Novella Coming from Samhain Publishing in 2015

pinit fg en rect gray 20 New Novella Coming from Samhain Publishing in 2015

evilclown New Novella Coming from Samhain Publishing in 2015NEWS! The novella “Nightmare in Greasepaint” by myself and G. Daniel Gunn has been acquired by Samhain Publishing® for their upcoming CHILDHOOD FEARS anthology of (four) novellas.

First, in May 2015, it will be coming out as a separate ebook version. Then in October 2015, the book version comes out, combining all four novellas. Aside from us, there are also novellas by Christine Hayton (“Scarecrows”), Holli Moncrieff (“The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave”) and J.G. Faherty (“Winterwood”).

Dan and I have had pretty good luck working together.  Our first collaboration, the short story “Mermaids” was in Cemetery Dance (the first time for both of us being in that magazine).

Some background on our novella: when I first met Dan Keohane at a convention in 2000, we hit it off right away, and when we talked about what we were working on, he mentioned a story he called “Billy and the Clown,” that he was having fun with, but hadn’t finished. In subsequent years, I’d ask him how Billy was doing, and if I could read it, and it always seemed to get pushed onto the back burner. Never finished. So around 2008 I said to him, “Hey, if you can’t finish the story, send it to me and I’ll finish it.” So he did. Originally, it was a short story that took place in the course of one scary evening, as a father, wife and son were terrorized by a supernatural clown. But, working together, we expanded on it, gave all the characters a backstory, defined more clearly who the clown was and what his powers were, introduced the mythology of a mysterious amulet, gave it a new title, and had it all culminate in that spooky night when the clown came back to his family home.

dan new gun pic1 718x1024 New Novella Coming from Samhain Publishing in 2015

Co-Author of “Nightmare in Greasepaint,” the mysterious G. Daniel Gunn.

I remember we didn’t always agree on everything, and had a few (brief) arguments, but slowly and surely got it done. Now a novella, I was never sure where we would place it, but Dan submitted it to Samhain’s for the CHILDHOOD FEARS anthology, and now it has a home. Oh, and somehow Dan’s name turned into “G. Daniel Gunn.” Which is a spooky story all its own.

So keep an eye out in May for “Nightmare in Greasepaint,” and for CHILDHOOD FEARS next October.

For more, check out Dan’s blog:

And here’s the press release for the anthology:

Green Tsunami available cheap from KINDLE COUNTDOWN

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GreenTsunamiCover Green Tsunami available cheap from KINDLE COUNTDOWNNow through this Thursday, GREEN TSUNAMI by myself and Laura Cooney is now available extra cheap from Amazon’s KINDLE STORE. Here’s my publisher, Weldon Burge, with more details.

I’m slowly getting back to reality after the convention. Here’s more from Weldon Burge about the whole “Kindle Countdown” thing for Green Tsunami:

GREEN TSUNAMI, the new novella from L.L. Soares and Laura Cooney, is now available for Kindle download for 99 cents–but today only! Smart Rhino has started a Kindle Countdown for the book–today is the lowest price, but you can still get the book at reduced pricing until Thursday, July 24.

Nick Cato said of GREEN TSUNAMI: “… not only are people changing in all kinds of ways due to whatever it is that has hit the planet, but inanimate objects as well. No one is safe, no one can be trusted, and the bizarro/SciFi imagination of the authors is on full freak-out display here.”

Don’t miss out–download it today for the best price! Here’s the link:


pinit fg en rect gray 20 GREEN TSUNAMI IS HERE!

The wait is over. Smart Rhino Press presents the novella GREEN TSUNAMI by Laura Cooney & L.L. Soares


On Amazon, it’s available in both paperback

and for Kindle

Let the gigantic green wave crash down and carry you away…

GREEN TSUNAMI NEWS – The Illustrations, Part 1

pinit fg en rect gray 20 GREEN TSUNAMI NEWS    The Illustrations, Part 1

As you may know, the novella GREEN TSUNAMI by me and Laura Cooney will be coming this spring from Smart Rhino Publications. And it is going to be illustrated!

Here is the first illustration we received. It’s of a “balloon head” (it will make sense when you read the novella), by artist Will Renfro.

DeadBalloonHead WillRenfro 682x1024 GREEN TSUNAMI NEWS    The Illustrations, Part 1

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Now Available for Ebook and Kindle!

pinit fg en rect gray 20 ROCK N ROLL Now Available for Ebook and Kindle!

Since it was released, my second novel ROCK ‘N’ ROLL has only been available in trade paperback format from Gallows Press. Well, starting today, it is also available in ebook format.

Amazon currently has the Kindle version for $3.99. I’m sure it’s available for other formats as well. So if you were waiting for the ebook version, check it out!

One of those rare books that’s different from anything else you’ve ever read.

ROCK N ROLL COVER l 1 691x1024 ROCK N ROLL Now Available for Ebook and Kindle!


“There’s nothing–and I mean nothing–that I like more than reading a novel thinking it will be one thing then realizing halfway through that it’s something completely different (and better) than I had expected. Soares’ second novel is the most original tale I read in 2013, and almost ten months after reading it has still not left my head.

“ROCK ‘N’ ROLL is like an off-the-wall late night supernatural erotic thriller as directed by David Cronenberg. Soares blends several genres to deliver an original and quite difficult to put down tale (I read it in two sittings). There’s wall-to-wall sex, but unlike a typical exploitation story it’s key to the constantly-unfolding plot. This is a real wild ride that’s highly recommended to those looking for something truly different.”