pinit fg en rect gray 20 In my Opinion McAfee Blows

So today I notice that my virus protection was turned off on my laptop. I tried to start it and it shuts off again. The same happened with the firewall. I become concerned. I upgraded to the total protection 6 months ago because it was the easiest choice and already installed on the laptop. Anyway, the virus check won’t work. I go to their site, play with their repair tool. Nothing. Try to chat and after twenty minutes of waiting, I gave up. I download another virus check and it finds 2 viruses. I get those removed and again try to start the McAfee for general web protection. Again, not even their site can get McAfee working. I finally get in touch with tech support. A very nice fellow with a foreign name tells me that McAfee didn’t update and it caused it to shut down. It wasn’t even the virus that shut the program down but one of McAfee’s flaws. He uninstalls and Installs McAfee. Guess what?!? Three hours later, the damn thing still doesn’t work. Glad I have the new virus protection. Geesh.