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Gay Marriage

Everyone is talking about it.  I have to admit that the subject is more complicated than most people realize.

First, I would like to say that in a perfect world we would fall in love and marry not based on any physical thing.  We would love the person’s soul, their mind, and the person they’ve become.  It would not be based on any physical item, much less whatever plumbing they have.  There would be no gay or straight or bi.  Just people falling in love and spending their lives together.

I do understand why people have problems with homosexuals marrying.  The idea of marriage has changed so much.  Some of the changes were for the best.  Women really aren’t judged as harshly for having a child out of wedlock.  That was a lovely barrier to break.  No more shipping off the woman because her lover wouldn’t marry her.  The man no longer had to worry about sullying his name over a “bastard” child.  Then the other extreme entered the picture.  Now a man may have several “baby mommas” and feel no obligation to care or provide for any of the children.  A woman may have as many babies as she wants while depending on the state to care for her.  She never worries about a male role model for her children, only dating and hoping the next one will be the right guy.

Divorce was another ugly barrier broken.  No more being forced to stay with someone simply because you made a mistake taking a vow.  That stigma was obliterated.  Of course you now have people marrying and getting the thing annulled because they changed their minds.  It makes marriage sound more like changing clothes than taking a vow.


At the end of the day, I really don’t feel that the average person wants to deny anyone the right to marry.  I think they are so afraid at the decline of our civilization that this seems like one more nail in the coffin of the ideals they were raised with.

Everyone has their fears, hopes and dreams.  In my opinion, people like to come up with magic formulas to guarantee a happy, healthy life.  One of the ways we try to bring that formula for our children is through basic courtship.  We expect our child to bring home their prospective partner to meet the family.  We want them to be married then bring children into the world.  This should give them a solid foundation to raise children and to grow hold sitting on their front porch sipping tea and waiting for their grandchildren.

In my humble opinion, if everyone worried more about others instead of their own selfish desires, the simple good in the world would take hold.  When you make a decision, consider how it impacts others.   This should be for dating, mating, and even driving through town.  It’s not my business if everyone got married or if no one ever married.  It is my hope that we treat each other with love and respect.  That should be a given.  Respect yourself, care for your children, and, as silly as it sounds, love thy neighbor.