Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What does “KHP” stand for?

A. Kittens Hugged Passionately. Next?


Q. Where do I find your submission guidelines?

A. The complete submission guidelines for all of our imprints can be found here:


Q. Do I need an agent to submit to KHP?

A. Agents are not necessary. Authors are free to submit to us directly.


Q. What do you publish?

A. Pretty much anything we want. Our titles cover most major genres, i.e. gothic and extreme horror, science fiction, fantasy, humor, romance, and erotica. If your work doesn’t fit into any of the aforementioned categories, send us a query; it might just tickle our fancy.


Q. Do I have to pay to be published through you?

A. Not just “No” but “Hell no!” The money flows to the author, not the other way around.


That said, we only have so much room on our plates for taking on new projects, and we are firm believers in quality over quantity. Therefore, we are quite picky with the submissions we receive. Make sure they’re in great shape before submitting. Show us that yours is worth investing our time with instead of all the other submissions being considered next to it – never with your money but with talent!


Q. I live outside the United States. Is that a problem?

A. Absolutely not. KHP plays host to authors from all over the globe. We welcome submissions from international authors.


Q. What is your royalty rate?

A. We pay 50% net royalties, paid quarterly via PayPal. If Paypal is not an option for you, alternative payment methods are available.

Q. What’s your distribution reach?

A. At present, our titles are available in over 50 countries worldwide. Our books are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and OmniLit.


Q. Do you publish print books?

A. We do not. Over the past few years, we’ve kept a close eye on the publishing markets and trends, and we’ve noted a significant decline in print sales in favor of ebooks. In order to minimize our costs, as well as for our customers, we’ve adopted an electronic-only policy. As a result, we are able to deliver a quality product in a timely and affordable manner that just isn’t practical with print.


Q. So there’s no way my book will ever see print?

A. KHP Publishers, Inc. only contracts for worldwide electronic rights to your book(s). You will retain your print, audio, film, etc rights. This means you’re free to pursue other publishing methods for the print edition of your work. Many of our authors have successfully published their work in print elsewhere. Some publishers specialize in print; we specialize in ebooks.


Q. What makes your ebooks so special?

A. We pride ourselves on quality. Our co-founder, Jerrod Balzer, stays on top of software and hardware developments that will aid us in delivering the best product possible, compatible across multiple e-readers. We ensure that our ebooks are free from technical errors that could potentially ruin a reader’s experience.


Q. Are your ebooks DRM protected?

A. No. We view DRM as needless control over consumers. When publishers slap DRM protection on their products, they are essentially saying, “We don’t trust you.” Not only do we trust you, we respect you. Just like a print book, CD, or DVD, we believe that once you purchase something, it’s yours to do with as you please (within reason, of course). You don’t rent KHP books; you purchase them. If you buy one of our titles for Nook, but decide to switch to Kindle or another reader, you’re free to convert the file to the format of your choosing. It’s your book, dammit, so you should be able to enjoy it for the rest of your life.


Q. Aren’t you worried about piracy?

A. Sure, but we’re not paranoid, money-grubbing jerks. By setting a reasonable price for our titles, we’re making them more accessible to cost-conscious consumers. Besides, if somebody wants to pirate something, they will find a way.


Q. Do you pay advances?

A. No. Traditionally, advances are intended to cover an author’s living expenses until the book is published. Since we publish digitally, authors don’t experience the wait they would with a print publisher.


Q. My book has been published before. Can I still submit it?

A. While we prefer original work, we will still look at previously published work based on two conditions: all rights need to be back in your hands to contract it elsewhere, and; it needs to be out of print at the time of your submission.


Q. Speaking of rights, what rights do you ask for?

A. Only the right to publish the book for the amount of time specified in the contract (generally three years, which auto-renews if everyone is happy with the relationship). It’s an agreement that we are the ones publishing it, but it is still owned by you.


Q. How much do your ebooks cost?

A. Most of our titles run $3.99 (U.S.) or less. We don’t believe in charging the same price for a print book because they’re clearly not the same thing. Print books are priced to compensate for overhead, i.e. printing, shipping, warehouse fees, etc. A digital book requires none of these things, allowing us to virtually eliminate overhead and pass the savings along to the consumer.


Q. Why should I bother with KHP, or any other publisher for that matter? I can go to Amazon or Smashwords right now and cut out the middleman. What’s in it for me?

A. You certainly can self publish, but you’d be alone. Our staff works closely with authors to polish their manuscript, putting our editorial knowledge to work for you. A professional edit on a novel-length manuscript can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000, depending on where you go. KHP, of course, charges nothing for such services.

Aside from editorial services, we also create all of our covers in-house. They are eye-catching and relevant to your book’s subject. Unfortunately, books are judged by their covers, and most self-published covers don’t make the grade.

Let’s not forget formatting. Have you ever formatted a book? It’s not as easy as you think, and properly formatting an ebook can be even worse if you don’t know your way around the necessary software. You could gamble with your work by tossing a document through a “meatgrinder” (the name Smashwords actually uses for their software) and hope for something that doesn’t resemble sausage, or you could work with people who invest time and effort for your success. We create the files and deal with retailers so you don’t have to.

While we strongly encourage our authors to promote their work through social media, blogs, interviews, etc, we certainly don’t expect them to do it alone. KHP will do everything we can to get the word out about your work.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us HERE.

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