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Do you remember Necrotica by Hallam Heathcoat?

Necrotica by Hallam Heathcoat was a fun book to put together. Released in the early days of Skullvines Press, S.D. Hintz and Jerrod Balzer went around taking photographs and hired extra artwork done to make it extra special. Unfortunately, it was only available for around six months and we still get the occasional email asking if we have a spare copy. Sorry, we don’t.

But someone is selling it on eBay right now! You’ll have to act fast, though. It only has about 5 hours left, as of this post. If you miss it and no one grabs it, perhaps it will have a re-listing.


S.D. Hintz reads Sasquatch!

Here’s a fun piece of KHP history that we’d thought was long lost but Jerrod (that SOB) found it. Years ago when Skullvines Press was still in its infancy, S.D. Hintz thought it would be fun to try making our own audiobooks.

It didn’t work out so well, and you’ll see why. Here is what we have left of the failed experiment, an excerpt from Jerrod Balzer’s story, “Why Do Skunk Apes Stink?” found in Tabloid Terrors 1: I was a Sasquatch Sex Slave.


Tabloid Terrors 1 S.D. Hintz reads Sasquatch! S.D. Hintz reads Sasquatch! TT1 Cover smaller

Last chance for KHP print titles!

All of us here at KHP love a good physical book. Our walls are lined with shelves of them, just like any other bibliophile. However, a business requires more than our preferences to run smoothly. If one format ceases to make money for it while another is thriving, the logical decision must be made.

The book has evolved, and a business must evolve with its products to remain successful. Therefore, KHP, Inc. will enter 2013 as an ebook-only publishing company. We’ve been releasing our titles this way for some time now while keeping some of our older print titles around because it’s so difficult to completely let go. Well, at the end of this month, we’ll be saying “Goodbye” to them.

So pick them up while you can! Simply go to the pages for Black Death Books or Skullvines Press and click on the covers for the print titles. They’ll be gone in a month!

Note: ebooks of the titles will still be around, so no worries on that front.

Tabloid Terrors 2 is now Available!

The second book of the Tabloid Terrors series by Skullvines Press has been given life again in ebook form! It is now available on Kindle and Nook and along with more craziness from S.D. Hintz and Jerrod Balzer, it includes guest stories from Steve Vernon, Garry Charles, and Mike Jones!


Tabloid Terrors 2 is now Available! Tabloid Terrors 2 is now Available! TT2 Cover smaller

And if you haven’t experienced the first Tabloid Terrors yet, CLICK HERE!

New Skullvines Press covers to show off!

K.H. Koehler has finished up some more of her excellent cover work for upcoming titles through Skullvines Press, and we couldn’t wait to show them off! And yes, K.H. Koehler is available for hire if you need work done. Contact her via her personal site HERE.

First, here are the covers for the coming Murder Girls trilogy by Christine Morgan. We expect to release the first ebook by the end of the year:

 New Skullvines Press covers to show off! New Skullvines Press covers to show off! Disorganized

 New Skullvines Press covers to show off! New Skullvines Press covers to show off! Organized

New Skullvines Press covers to show off! New Skullvines Press covers to show off! Spree

We’ll also be releasing a collection of humorous horror stories by Jerrod Balzer soon, which will include titles such as “Zombie Bastard” and “Wolf Plugs.”

New Skullvines Press covers to show off! New Skullvines Press covers to show off! Zombies Werewolves Whores and More

Skullvines Press is also excited about an upcoming title by Joe R. Lansdale called “Steampunked” but we’ll save that for later.

Have you come yet?

Read Daniel I. Russell’s twisted tale and you will!

Have you come yet? Have you come yet? Come Into Darkness smaller

Mario Fulcinni, young, successful and handsome, has seen it all. In his adult film career, he’s tasted more indulgences than a Roman emperor; the women, the parties, the drugs. Hunting for something more, he attends a party on the promise that it will ‘change his life… forever’.

Chilled to the bone and in the pouring rain, Mario attends Metus House.

A chubby elderly man in an old, crimson blazer emerges. He is Worth, Mario’s guide for the evening.

And the tour begins…

Fall into a twisting nightmare of creatures and contraptions.

Come into Darkness