Daniel I. Russell

3D Video Review of Daniel I. Russell and Garry Charles!

Mike Jones made a hilarious, but also in-depth video review of authors Daniel I. Russell and Garry Charles.

(Note: The double-frame is because the video is shot in 3D. You can go HERE to watch it on Youtube and either watch with glasses or in single frame with 3D turned off.)

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Have you come yet?

Read Daniel I. Russell’s twisted tale and you will!

Mario Fulcinni, young, successful and handsome, has seen it all. In his adult film career, he’s tasted more indulgences than a Roman emperor; the women, the parties, the drugs. Hunting for something more, he attends a party on the promise that it will ‘change his life… forever’.

Chilled to the bone and in the pouring rain, Mario attends Metus House.

A chubby elderly man in an old, crimson blazer emerges. He is Worth, Mario’s guide for the evening.

And the tour begins…

Fall into a twisting nightmare of creatures and contraptions.

Come into Darkness