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Mad Dog Summer by Joe R. Lansdale – out now!

Black Death Books is proud to announce the release of Mad Dog Summer by Joe R. Lansdale! This is the first time this story been available in digital format, and like our previous Lansdale title, Deranged By Choice, it’s paired up with another story as a bonus!


Mad Dog Summer by Joe R. Lansdale

Coming very soon from Black Death Books!

Joe R. Lansdale featured on Oprah!

One of our authors, the excellent Joe R. Lansdale, was recently featured on! Bill Paxton, star of Aliens, Near Dark, Twister, and the new miniseries, Hatfield & McCoys, recommended Lansdale’s book The Bottoms HERE!

Be sure to check it out if you haven’t, and you also can’t go wrong with his Black Death Books title, Deranged By Choice.

Free Vampire Apocalypse stories from Derek Gunn

Taken from the Amazon description:

Prelude to the Apocalypse is a series of five works of short fiction written in Derek Gunn’s Vampire Apocalypse universe. Each is a diary entry written from a vampire’s point of view and set in five different periods in history.

From the author:

The main kernel of my Vampire Apocalypse series of books came from the proliferation of ‘nice’ vampires that are so popular in fiction today. I never saw the vampire as an aristocratic figure, noble to a fault and lonely for a good woman’s, or man’s love. I always saw them as creatures who had moved on from being human over the centuries. They do not consider themselves human, most have probably forgotten they ever were. They are creatures ruled by base hunger. For all their power they are slaves to a gnawing hunger that rules there very existence.

I have written some diary extracts recently as part of a back story to the Vampire Apocalypse series. Over the course of the centuries we can see the changes going on inside the head of a vampire, how his thoughts of humanity, religion and his place in the world change him. I have tied this into the ‘real’ history of the world, offering a different view of how some of history’s events actually happened, and the impact this had on the mindset of the vampire.

They are short vignettes that try to go some way to explain how these creatures can change so drastically. Even the most noble would change their attitudes over centuries and humans are food after all. How often do you have to eat meat to no longer consider the source as intelligent?

Pick it up on Kindle for FREE here:

Don’t have a Kindle? There are free apps for your computer or other devices HERE!

And remember, Black Death Books carries the print versions of Derek Gunn’s Vampire Apocalypse series:

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Horror Talk interviews Joe R. Lansdale

Gabino Iglesias over at Horror Talk recently sat down with Joe R. Lansdale for an interview that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to check it out HERE.

And of course, Black Death Books is proud to offer a wild dose of Lansdale called Deranged By Choice:

Duotrope interviews Louise Bohmer

Most aspiring authors out there have Duotrope bookmarked as a valuable resource for submitting to publishers (and those who don’t, should).

Today, they updated their information for our imprint, Black Death Books, and in doing so, interviewed our associate editor, Louise Bohmer.